About My Tastebuds

Yes, my tastebuds are worth discussing more than me…but hey if you want to know read on. I’m a home-grown Canadian enjoying the finest cuisines BC has to offer. If you saw me, I bet you wouldn’t believe I can eat so much…but this blog will quickly prove you wrong. As long as its good food, my stomach is always growling.

My biggest wish is to travel the world and sample the world’s various foods! I’ve been able to achieve that in Vancouver thanks largely in part to my sponsor who shares my fascination with food. Be sure to check out his New Westminster limo business by clicking here. (Update: Recently I’ve been told he merged his business with one of the best Vancouver limo services, Fabulous Limousines). Collaborative work is being planned with both of them that would allow me to share my passion for food on a national level. Maybe even a Food Network appearance where I cruise the city in a stylish limo and sample the region’s savory dishes…hey a guy can dream right? Slowly but surely, I’m inching towards my goal of world travel and I’ll die a happy man if I can experience all that food culture :)

Be sure to check regularly for awesome food pics, reviews, recipes and more! If you’re looking for good food now, contact Adrian Au!

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